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There was a time, in the not too distant past, that I thought all cards came from that one store, ya’ know which one I’m talking about. It only took me five minutes to go there and buy a card. Why would I want to make my own? A former co-worker brought in some cards she had made to show me how cute handmade ones were. They were extremely cute, but I still didn’t understand why one would spend so much time making a card when you could just buy one. Well that all changed when she encouraged me to go stamp with her. My stamp met ink and as they say, the rest is history.

She told me about many websites which would allow me to look at galleries containing thousands of photos of cards and other paper craft projects. I stamped for a few months before discovering A Muse; which is when I fell in love with stamping. I was ecstatic when I joined the A Muse Art Stamps Creative Team as an instructor. Through this I taught many stamping classes at local stores. But most importantly, I met some of the most amazing people~ students, fellow stampers and the A Muse team! As A Muse has evolved into A Muse Studio, a direct sales company, I am fortunate to be a Creative Consultant.
As my designs have grown and evolved, I have been privileged to have many published in Take Ten and Stamper’s Sampler.

I love the color pink, a good book, my coffee addiction, planning parties, traveling and having fun, and a good mojito once in a while.